PF Led Pro DUO ®


Brand: PF Safety Sign
Model/Reference: PF Led Pro DUO ®

Description: Road hazard warning sign. Accident prevention sign to be used on roads. If you and your vehicle has suffered an accident or your vehicle has broken down use our PF LED PRO DUO sign.  Composed of high quality double-sided retro-reflective, microprismatic adhesive, progressive flashing emergency light and straight magnetic base.
Use: Cars
Placement location: vehicle´s roof. Includes straight magnetic base.
Installation mode: Clip the base to the signal, activate the emergency flashing light by pressing the Power ON button and place the signal over the roof without leaving the vehicle. If it is necessary for you to step out from your vehicle be very cautious, always look back and check for any incoming vehicles before opening the door.
Battery Type: AA Lithium Battery.
Battery life: more than 2 hours
Manufacturing place: Spain
Certification: CE
Warranty: 2 years
Water, wind, snow resistance: Yes
Material: ABS, Retroreflective Adhesive, Emergency Led.
Tags: PF Led Pro DUO, accident prevention sign.

Optional accessory: Magnetic vertical base. It will allow you to also place your sign on the side of the vehicle.

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