Signs designed to keep people safe on the road. Avoid potential harm to yourself or loved ones.

Visible at 0.62 Miles

High-quality and density micro prismatic retroreflective portable safety sign. You and your vehicle will be visible up to 0.62 miles away.

All in one Safety

360º degrees flashing warning light. Transform your PF safety sign into the best accident prevention system. Warning light adaptable to PF Clip ON and magnetic signs.

Magnetic or ClipON versions

Easy installation. Attaches to the vehicle magnetically or through a window hook (clip on). Placed at driver’s or passenger’s window.

Protection 24×7

Don’t be left unprotected, our PF SAFETY WARNING®, PF LED PRO® and PF LED PRO DUO® signs will protect you even if the device runs out of battery.


Compatible with all kinds of weather conditions: rain, snow, wind or fog.

Lightweight and Portable

Small, practical, easy to use and store. Store it on the side or back of your seat.

Smart Accident Prevention Systems

Portable accident prevention safety signs readable by Traffic sign recognition (TSR) systems

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Protecting Lives

PF Road Safety signs are portable signs that  prevent accidents from happening by instantly signaling the vehicle that has suffered an accident or has broken down.

PF SAFETY® signs increase the distance between your vehicle and any incoming vehicles reducing the risk of drivers and passengers from being runned over should they have to get out of the vehicle. Recommended in any emergency situation whilst on the road, especially those where there is poor visibility.

PF Safety Goal = ZERO Victims, ZERO Injured

Traffic accidents and the consequences they generate constitute a human tragedy, a true epidemic of our century that no modern society may tolerate.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 3,287 people die around world every day due to traffic accidents and another 50 million suffer injuries or become handicap every year.

Greater Visibility

Maximum Protection

Less Risk

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